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My name is Marina Vishnyakova, and I'm an Entrepreneur & Business Coach, Marketing Strategist & Consultant, International Speaker that partners with entrepreneurs and companies around the world and helps them launch and grow their businesses.
"Musings on business and life" is a podcast run by me: mompreneur, expat, business coach and consultant. Tune in now to get inspiration, motivation and business advice from me and my guests. We are sharing everything, good and bad, for you to grab the best from our experience.
Let me help you become a successful entrepreneur and leader through the arts and science of professional coaching and consulting. Only you know what YOU and YOUR business need and I am here to unleash your potential and tweak it for better results.
Join me at my next events where I share my professional knowledge and experience to help entrepreneurs transform their lives and their businesses and get to where 
they want to be.
Access now my online programs that will give you all those necessary tools to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be, both in your life  
and business.
Coaching & Consulting
In my work with entrepreneurs, managers and business owners I either use pure coaching or combine my coaching and consulting expertise depending on my clients' needs. This "coachsulting" approach allows not only to indicate them what to do to solve their business problems, but also to partner with my clients to help them expand their awareness of the issues they are facing, gain clarity about what they want to achieve, identify the obstacles in their way, and create a strategy to overcome those obstacles. Want to learn more? Book now your 30 minutes free discovery call.
Marketing & Business Development Coachsulting
 Leadership Coaching
Success & Motivation Coaching
My Podcast
Project manager and business development director in financial industry for 20 years, expat in 7 countries, 3 university degrees, founder of 3 businesses, mom, wife, entrepreneur, certified professional coach, featured in the book "Outstanding Biografies of Our Women Entrepreneurs" (Barcelona, 2018), speaker at the international coaching congress "Converge-2019" in Prague... This is my short story at a glance. 
My Podcast "Musings on Business and Life" is my gift of motivation, inspiration and business advice to you from me and other outstanding (in my opinion) people. Success doesn't come by accident, but if you dream it, plan it and work for it, it's there for you. Need a proof? Listen to my podcast.
 Podcast Episode #1 (coming soon)
 Podcast Episode #2 (coming soon)
 Podcast Episode #3 (coming soon)
Upcoming Events
Whether I speak as a guest at some event or I organize my own online and offline trainings, I always share the best of my knowledge. Keep an eye on my announcements to attend my next workshop.
 Online Workshop (coming soon)
 Online Workshop (coming soon)
My Products
My online coaching programs are specially designed to accompany individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses through their transformation and growth helping them to bridge the gap to their next level of success.  
 Coaching Program #1 (coming soon)
 Coaching Program #2 (coming soon)
 Coaching Program #3 (coming soon)
"Coming from a situation with a lot of work/application rejections, Marina helped me get my self-esteem back and realize my own potential."
Marina is indeed a Professional Coach! She coached me through 4 sessions online. By asking the right questions for me, she got me to talk and think and express my thoughts and feelings and helped me look at my situation from different angles, with a different perspective and a new way of thinking. I was doubting to continue as an entrepreneur or go back to full employment. Coming from a situation with a lot of work/application rejections, she helped me get my self esteem back and realize my own potential. The result was a few good job interviews, in which I made an impression, and finally a new job! 
- Chantal Frints,
Ready to bridge the gap to your next level of success?
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There are several ways I can help you and your business grow. Just send me an email and let's connect to see how you can benefit from working with me
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